A mistrust of Ouija boards, and fears concerning interactions with the spirit world in general, results in many ouijastitions. The following are among the more common.

-Never use it alone

-Never ask when someone will die

-Never ask questions about the nature of God

-Never let the pointer fall from the board

-Never leave the pointer on the board unattended

-Never let the pointer count down the numbers

-Never let a pet walk across the board or it will turn evil

-Never allow the pointer to move in a figure 8 on its own

-Never use in a place of death, like a cemetery or former murder scene

-Never look through the planchette window at anything other than the board

-Always end a session by placing the planchette on the word ‘Goodbye.’ Or allow the spirit to do so end a session.

Keep in mind that the best way to play is the dangerous way, so now that you know the rules you have rules to break.

Chas Bogan