Since 2004, Carnivalia has offered a variety of esoteric creations meant to inspire and mystify. We specialize in divination tools and are renowned for our talking boards, with a wide selection of innovative designs. Our head designer and craftsman is Chas Bogan, whose playful/devilish nature is evidenced in many of these wares. Carnivalia products are sold in various small shops in the US, as well as through our own store Datura Trading, which includes the talents of occult authors Storm Faerywolf and Devin Hunter. We are always updating our website with new products and content; because the moment we stop the devils become unbearable in their torment, so be sure to check back often.
Chas Bogan lecturing on the history of the Ouija board.
Hoodoo Heritage Festival 2017

Some of the ephemera Carnivalia has created throughout the years…


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Carnivalia is one of several unique brand identities hosted on our website for Datura Trading.

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