The following is a method for trapping a vengeful spirit in a jar.

Bad entities such as Vampires, Witches, Boo Hags, and assorted other no-good ghouls are believed to suffer from a condition known as Arithmomania, an obsession with counting, which often results in their demise. Consider Sesame Street’s famous vampire resident Count Von Count, whose obsession with counting has introduced generations of children to arithmetic. Tricks for avoiding the wrath of more traditional evil spirits often take advantage of their counting obsession, such as by hanging a colander by the bed (paralyzing the fiend until they have counted every hole), or by scattered rice, salt, or sand to distract them from their intended malice.

This caution against arithmomanicly inclined spirits is also found in beliefs involving the Ouija, as it is said that should a spirit use the planchette to count down to zero then it is a sure sign that you have engaged something demonic.

Knowing that bad spirits will obsess over counting down the letters of a Ouija means we may use the board to engage and entrap them before they come of us. This involves placing the board at the foot of your bed and replacing the planchette with a bottle prepared to capture the spirit that has come for you. To accomplish this, you will need the following:

-A smallish bottle or jar, unlidded. Something the size of a baby food jar would work well.

-Fill this a fifth of the way with rubber cement.

-Add table salt

-Spanish moss

-A rusty nail

-And bur clover burrs.

Should a ghoul make use of the bottle to count down from 9, you will wake up to find the bottle on 0. The spirit will have become entangled in the contents of the bottle, providing you the opportunity to secure its lid, seal it with black wax, and bury it deep in the graveyard.

©2011, Chas Bogan