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Praise For Carnivalia's Witchboards
Despite the boom in pagan stores making their way online, Ouija boards are still mainly the mass-produced province of Parker-Brothers, and often a grin-and-bear-it acquisiton for many practitioners who want something a little more...special. Enter Carnivalia, an artisan feast of original altar tools inspired by the Faerie tradition. The old-world spirit boards are fashioned from handcrafted wood and updated with bright colors and modern flourishes, such as giving the traditional planchette a tribal tattoo.
-Chateau Bizarre
I grew up with the Parker Brothers Ouija board and I have to say that the witchboard I got from you is an immense aesthetic improvement. I instantly connected with mine. I've been using it as an altar for spells and rootwork and other assorted hoodoo; but I also love displaying it. It seems to be collecting mojo. I just love it.
-Thom Fowler
It's gorgeous! The craftmanship and artwork are all amazing! The artist was courteous, informative and turned me back on to witchboards after a long hiatus.
-Matt Pipes
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