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We have yet to map out our new site following its mega update.


Visit 'Oracles of Enchantment'
Visit 'Oracles of Enchantment'

Come one! Come all!
Be enchanted by Carnivalia's devices of divination and wonder!!!

Carnivalia's Talkingboards
- our
own designs & personal craftsmanship!
Commercial Talkingboards
- featuring boards manufactured elsewhere!

- stylish dowsing surfaces from our studio!

Visit 'Oracles of Enchantment'

Ouija Articles
- essays concerning history, beliefs and practices!
Ouija Links
- a links page dedicated to other Ouija related sites!
Commissioned Boards
- Boards designed for specific persons!

Visit Apothecary Diablerie

Unique and traditional 'cures' for
spiritual conditions of all varieties.

Conjure Oils
- spiritual oils addressing many conditions
Blessed Bath Salts
- traditional washes!
Ritual Powders
- powders for throwing, annointing, and more!
Horrible Things
- you are better off not going there!

How To Use Conjure Oils
- definition of 'Conjure Oils' and various uses!
How To Use Blessed Bath Salts
- introduction to our line of Bath Salts!
How To Use Ritual Powders

- the art of using Powders to throw, or annoint with!
How To Use Devotional Candles
- a range of information on the magical tradition of candle burning!


Vintage Style Signs
- specialty signs for Psychics!
- strange ephemera signage!

Visit 'Supernatural Scrapbook'
Visit 'Supernatural Scrapbook'

Carnivalia's Asylum for Haunted Objects and Wayward Ghosts
- we take in homeless haunts!
Haunted Objects
- tales of bric-a-brac gone bad!

Ghost's Gone Wild
- shocking examples of double exposure!
Tormenting Tassels
- learn about this ghostly threat!

Visit 'Supernatural Scrapbook'

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