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A Sibylic Dossier

With concern given to those entities willing to work with
talking boards, such as certain ghosts, demons, angels
and other categories of beings.

Compiled by Chas Bogan

Often the issue persons have with using talkingboards arises from that perception that lesser beings, perhaps malevolent ones, are drawn to such work. Many experts in the magickal arts council against sitting down with a talkingboard and simply inviting anything hovering in the ether to come and play. You would not likely open your front door on a spooky night and let strangers in, or expect them to tell you the future or give you sensitive advice, and doing so with a talkingboard is similarly inadvisable. Unless of course you are seeking the thrill that comes with recklessness, in which case go indulge yourself in the graveyard and raise some Hell.

To avoid courting strange beings, it is advised that you consult entities who are better known. There are many tomes available that list entities helpful and otherwise, such as the Goetia, versions of the Necronomicon, the Testament of Solomon, and so forth. Unless you are versed in such systems of magick, calling upon such powers is ill advised. Therefore, we at Carnivalia have composed a sibylic dossier of beings less likely to take possession of your body and madden your puny, mortal mind.

Some will argue that even if you call upon a being with the hope of attracting a credentialed guide, you are not guaranteed to receive that which you have called upon. In other words, spirits lie, and often portray themselves as persons they are not. Often, even these beings are said to have answers to personal inquiries. Many occultists believe that the Akashic records contains all the knowledge of the universe, and that even low-level spirits are able to get library cards. Ultimately, there are no guarantees that those whom you call upon will show, or that those who show are whomever you have called. Take all information you may receive with a grain of salt.

The Bankers; A.K.A. the 'Lucre Fates'

Similar to the three Greek Fates, Koltho, Lakhesis and Atropos, these hybrid beings can be traced back as far as the early 1880's, when they appeared as spectral businessmen. Early descriptions present them as mature, white men (although currently they are said to have diversified their forms in regards to race and gender).

Their expertise in finance and otherworldly understanding of market fluctuations have made them advisors to many a miserly minded occultist.

Offerings: The burning of paper money and the burial of coins.

Time: In our current global economy, they are ready to do business at any time.

Images: Most often they will assume whatever outfit and accoutrements are favored by business moguls in your local area, be it a bowler hat, tie, or wing-tip shoes. Similarly to how the Fates spun, braided and cut a length a yarn between them, iconography shows the first of these three bankers wiping clean the glass dome of a ticker-tape machine, a second scrutinizing the data, while the third is poised with scissors to cut the tape.

Note: Do not rely on them for your sole investment strategy, as often they seek to control the market by giving out misleading information, which then allows them to purchase stocks and property at deflated rates after you and others have committed a widespread sell off, or else they may have your invest to drive up an items worth, then sell off their shares. If you do not trust earthly bankers, and why should you, then you ought also to be weary of these.


Mazazar; A.K.A. the 'Angel of Denial'

As the Angel of Denial, and you may call upon him to reveal some of his secrets to you. The price you will pay should he lend you his insights, is that you will be unable to keep certain secrets from yourself. All your excuses for why you are not as successful or popular as you would have yourself be will mercilessly disintegrate, and you will find yourself left with only your errors and short-comings.

Another common experience associated with those who work with him is the abrupt awareness of secrets they were not inquiring about. If you do not want to be made aware of those nasty things your friends say behind your back, or who your momma really screwed to breed you, then you would do best to avoid him. The news that reaches you will be impossible to hide from, as the horrors of the world, the famine, disease, and wanton destruction, can no longer be ignored.

Some have claimed that to the degree he reveals those things you have been in denial of, he also leads you to lie to yourself about other issues. He is not so much interested in revelation, perhaps, as he is willing to open some of the locked crates in the attic of your mind while closing up others.

Whatever practical secrets you might learn from him, the price you must pay may leave you caring about nothing, unless you are possessed with boundless optimism and purpose. Attempting to drive his influence from your psyche, in other words ‘denying his power,’ is ineffective, and allows him a means of hiding from you in plain view.

Mazazar is one half of a polarized union, his consort being Sephial, the Angel of Revelation.

Offerings: He receives succor from your secrets, and therefore writing a confession on a piece of paper, the back of which bears his name, and burying it is an appropriate offering. Although never inebriated, he does enjoy the scent of alcohol, perhaps because it is often the mind numbed by spirits that tell its secrets.

Time: The darkest part of night.

Images: The edges of his body are vaporous and unclear. His eyes are as black as the ink that conceals conspiracies in secret government documents. Some say that his wings, when he revealed, are enormous and blindingly white; from this comes his most familiar icon, that of a sharp, white quill bleeding black ink.

Note: In whatever room you may address him, make certain that all mirrors are first covered by black cloth.

Sephial; A.K.A. the ‘Angel of Revelation’

Often thought of as the gentler aspect of Mazazar, this angel is also concerned with revealing those things that a person is in denial of, although he does so in a manner mindful of a person’s well being. He is altruistic, and has several traits that are more human than angelic. Unfortunately, a sort of depressive moodiness is often characteristic of him.

Legend tells us that both Sephial and Mazazar were sent to earth for a specific purpose, but having become changed by their understanding of human perceptions were unable to return to the abstract sphere from whence they came. Some tales associate them with the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah, featuring them as the two angels come to warn those cities of impending disaster. While Mazazar is said to have become lost in acts of the flesh, Sephial is often said to have fallen in love with a mortal boy. Both angels were changed by their experiences, developing individual consciousness.

Sephial can show you reasons why your relationships and other endeavors have failed by your hands, and suggest ways in which you may better succeed in your pursuits.

Offerings: A hopeless romantic, he prefers roses, or anything for which sentiment is apparent. White wine, a bit on the sweet side, is also a welcomed offering.

Time: Dusk. The darker the world gets, the more maudlin he becomes.

Images: Fleshed in onyx, Sephial has reflective eyes that weep quicksilver.

Note: Sephial has an odd relationship with electronics, particularly radio waves, and it is therefore advised that on first turn off computers, televisions, stereos, and so on before invoking him.

Mrs. Betty; A.K.A. ‘The Ghostly Maid’ or ‘Kitchen Witch’

Consult her prior to your next party to learn what your guests might best admire by way of cuisine, cocktails, music, and etcetera. She is known to offer her own recipes and time saving tips to those she deems competent enough to complete her often elaborate tasks (no canned hollandaise sauce will do for her).

Also be sure to ask her for the dish on your guests, so that you might best know how to slight and malign them should their compliments of all your hard work not be forthcoming.

Mrs. Betty is known to have a perfectionist’s personality, and she will pester you to execute her ‘advice’ in a manner you may be unable to live up to. Certainly she was unable, and it is often gossiped that she continues to haunt our dusty realm due to her inability to ever be satisfied by her endeavors. Beyond that hypothesis, contention concerning her true nature is common. Some say that her country club would have purged her membership had they known she had a spot of Faery in her. Others argue that she is fully Faery (the sort often attracted to kitchen maidens and dress makers), and never lived as a woman at all.

Offerings: Milk with a hint of Lavender; Sliced cucumber; Herb breads, especially containing rosemary and thyme.

Time: Mrs. Betty likes to get things done in the morning, though she is not averse to staying up throughout the night to complete tasks.

Images: When she is unhappy with you, she will appear in your dreams as a filthy dressmaker’s dummy, speared throughout with pins and needles, each of which disappears from her flesh of fabric as she draws nearer to you, until you find that your lips are pursed and between them are rows of pins and needles; and you know that to scream would invite them into your throat. When she is glimpsed closer to the corporeal world, it is often as a fluttering, white apron, seen only momentarily in the corner of one’s eye. Also, some claim to have seen her as a white glove, testing for dust across the rims of picture frames and hearth mantels, and it is said that should you spy her in this guise you ought to immediately shake a feather duster across your surfaces, or else your milk will sour and your chocolates turn white.

Note: Her recipes tend to be a bit saucy and overly herbaceous.

Our dossier continues to grow, so check back and see who we are working with next.

© Carnivalia 2006
(This article may not be reproduced without the consent of the author, Chas Bogan.)

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