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'Dodging Orbs'

Tammy Sayvens
1, 28, 2006

My roommate Marsha and me got drunk on margaritas in our dorm room one night, and she pulled out this Ouija board she had gotten at a fleamarket. I had never used one before. It was stormy outside with a big moon and lightening, so it seemed like the kind of night to do something spooky. The board had lost its pointer thingy, but luckily we liked our margaritas without the salted rims, so after Marsha rooted for me to chug it, we put the upturned glass on the board and rested our fingertips on it.

For a long time nothing happened, except us giggling is all. We asked many questions, but the one that finally got a response was when I asked "Who's this spirit with us here? Do you have a name?" The glass started to slide, and I looked at Marsha like she was doing it, and she looked back the same way. It spelled out a name...


Marsha asked me if I knew a Gina and I had to think about it. We decided to stop for a bit, and she took the glass away and refilled it. I love strawberry margaritas. They are my favorite after appletinis. Anyway, I found my old high school yearbook and sure enough there was a Gina in there. I remembered her too.

She was one of those smart, weird girls. I remember having nailed her at Dodgeball in P.E. class one time. It sent her glasses skidding across the gym floor and gave her a wicked welt for the rest of the day. It was picture day too, so here in the yearbook I pointed out to Marsha that the reason Gina's face was all red was because of me. We laughed about it, and then I reminded myself that I was in college now and that I didn't find that sort of thing funny anymore. Now that I'm more mature I would not derive pleasure from hitting Gina like I did, but in my defense, Gina really was the sort of girl who begged to be hit in the face. If you'd ever met her then you'd know what I mean. She made herself very unpopular by being like she was.

I was surprised that I found her in the ghost world. I used to avoid the Barnes & Noble at the mall because that's where she worked and she always gave me the stink eye. We didn't know the same people, so I wasn't surprised that she had died and I didn't know. Marsha said this funny thing about Gina looking like she probably wasn't popular enough to get into heaven. By then we were both wasted, so we decided to stop with the Ouija.

Being so trashed it wasn't any surprise that my dreams were crazy. All night I felt like that damned Gina was stalking me, wanting to exact her revenge for how I got her in gym. I kept hearing the weird, echoing 'bwoing' sound that a rubber ball makes when it bounces against the ground. Even after I woke up I kept thinking I was hearing it that sound. I was a wreck from too little sleep. Dark circles under my eyes. Plus I had a modeling shoot to get to. I didn't mention earlier that I am a model because I'm not that vein. I could have gone to Paris to be a big name model, but I wanted to complete my education first so that I'll have some smarts to fall back on when I'm thirty and no longer attractive. Anyway, the shoot went well, but afterwards I kept seeing these orbs. I thought it was from the camera flash, and because I was so tired, so I dismissed them. They were just brief sightings. Spheres of light zipping here and there and disappearing soon as I tried to look at them. I didn't connect them in any way to Gina and the Ouija.

This thing with the orbs went on for days, and I seriously considered going to see a doctor, but then I decided to check the internet instead. I found all these pictures of the orb phenomena, so I knew it had to be real and not just something I was seeing. Then the really weird thing. I went back to the photographer for another shoot a week after and he showed me the failed pictures from the last time... orbs. He said that it happened sometimes when there was dust, but I knew better. This was the evidence I needed to show to Marsha.

This whole time I has been having the same dreams about Gina stalking me, so Marsha and me decided to get the Ouija board out again. This time the glass moved strongly. We could hardly keep up with it. It spelled out all this evil stuff like 'die bitches' and 'ill get you.' We got freaked out and stopped. We didn't want the Ouija in the room with us, but Cindy down the hall had warned us about throwing it in the garbage, because that only enraged the spirits. So for the night we just put if outside on the window ledge and pulled the blinds closed.

That night I dreamed more that Gina was after me. I was in our old high school gym, and she was spiking balls of light at me in some demonic dodgeball game. The horror was that when I got up for class my body had bruises all over.

Marsha saw the bruises too, so being a good friend she cut classes with me and we went to the mall, hoping that a new outfit might cheer me up. When we got there, I thought I actually saw Gina's ghost go into the Barnes & Noble where she worked. She looked heavier than I had remembered, and I thought it was too bad that death had done the opposite of slimming her down. Marsha and I took off in the opposite direction of the haunted bookstore, only then I started seeing more orbs. Not just seeing them, they struck me, hard, leaving bruises. Marsha didn't see them, but felt me being knocked into her. I was terrified. It seemed there was not place to go. If I could be attacked out in the open at a mall then there was no sacred ground.

I was crying while we walked, and Marsha said she would buy me this dress we had seen weeks earlier but that I couldn't afford. For a while the orbs disappeared while we went through Macy's. The dress I had wanted was gone, but Marsha found me another really nice one. The size was sketchy, so I went to try it on. When I was alone in the dressing room panic hit me, and then the orbs hit me even harder. More than a dozen orbs pounded at me. I was screaming and crying and Marsha had to ram the door open with her shoulder to find me huddled on the floor. My whole body was covered in welts and bruises.


Cindy found the solution for getting rid of the Ouija.

Thank you,
'Carnivalia's Asylum for Haunted Objects and Wayward Ghosts.'

With the Ouija gone there are no more orbs. As for Gina, it turns out that the ghost was a different Gina entirely, as I learned when I bumped into the Gina from high school at the mall months later. I tried to be all nice and took her to the food court. I told her the whole sorted story, and she was stonefaced the whole time, until the end, when she chucked a biscuit at me and strolled away. Bitch.

Update from Carnivalia:

After receiving this board, our investigation revealed that it was indeed haunted, not by a ghost named Gina, but by the spirit of an alcoholic woman. Having been told that alcoholism is a disease from which one is never cured, she was unable to be free of it even after her death, and therefore haunted areas within the women's dorm where heavy drinking was certain to occur. Just a taste of it from the upturned margarita glass put this ghost into a tizzy.

Interestingly, however, this ghost claimed to have no knowledge of what lead to the bad dreams or the supposed orb attacks, and it is believed that these activities were in fact manifested by the haunted woman herself, whose buried guilt over how she treated Gina lead to the activity.

Currently this ghost is serving as a guardian spirit and AA sponsor to an alcoholic medium in Denver.

The board itself is still here at 'Carnivalia's Asylum' pending further investigation.

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