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'Menu of Apparitions'

'Matzo Hitler'

Submitted by Jeremy Dunn
New York City, 2004

"Apparently no one informed the Fuehrer's ghost that the Hofbrau had closed down and become a Kosher Deli."

A chapter from an upcoming cookbook 'Desserts of the Damned' by Chas Bogan features recipes adored by the world's worst villains. Extensive research on Hitler has thus far failed to discover exactly what his favorite dessert recipe was, however he is documented as having been fond of 'German Jam & Cake' which was often requested of company cooks when he traveled among his troops. Should the Devil deem to offer the Fuehrer sweetmeats in Hell, no doubt Hitler will struggle with the Judaic nature of the following offering.

Matzo Jam & Cake

1lb box Unsalted Matzos
Gewurztraminer or other Sweet Wine
Jam (raspberry or red currant suggested)
Chocolate Icing

Simply soak the Matzos in the wine, then lay them on a plate. Spread jam across the top, then build the cake up in layers, five at most. Frost the top with Chocolate Icing.

'Houdini On Ice'

Submitted by Linda Chan
San Francisco, 2005

"Holidays with my family are always occasions from which I feel the need to escape. Not being as adept at magic as Houdini, I most often find my escape in cocktails. When I discovered this ice-cube in my booze it felt quite fitting."

Regrettably, when the ice-cube that Ms. Chan sent us finally reached our mailbox, much like Houdini it had done a disappearing act, leaving the envelope warped and empty.

Illusion Cocktail

50ml Midori
30ml Cointreau
25ml Vodka
65ml Pineapple Juice
30ml Lime Juice

Mix ingredients in a shaker and serve in highball glasses.

Copius amounts of this cocktail will leave you feeling much as Houdini did, as though you have been tied up and abandoned in a vat of water.


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