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A pagan smorgasbord of gothic altar tools, beautifully designed and surprisingly affordable, with lots of vibrant twists on the traditional gear: witch-boards and planchettes, pendulums and boards, pentacles, amulets, journals, dolls and masks, erotic sculpture and surreal artwork, hats and scarves, goblets, books, and miscellaneous house wares. Also of note is The Witch Eye, a 'zine for the F(a)eri(e) tradition.

—Review by 'Chateau Bizarre'

Carnivalia is the home-based studio and business of artists Chas Bogan and Storm Faerywolf.

The idea for Carnivalia began years ago, as we wondered how we might better support ourselves from our art. For years we studied our craft just for the love of it.

Chas excelled in creating sculptured forms, in clay and cloth. It was an extension of the hobby he had indulged in as a child, making his own strange puppets. His art developed a whimsical flavor, spiced with fairytale visions, circus freaks, arcana and camp. Continuing to broaden his artistic retinue, Chas soon began creating images through a variety of means, such as drawing, painting and digital rendering. Wanting his images to do more than hang upon a wall, he planned to someday craft occult tools, wearable art, and marionettes, all towards the purpose of bringing his art into more animated mediums. From that desire came his talking-boards, which are among the most popular art pieces on our shelves.

Storm's artwork grew as an expression of his spiritual life. With interests in many spiritual systems (he is editor of the zine 'Witch Eye') much of his early work explored Pagan iconography, often in tones vibrantly homoerotic. Finding spirituality in the expression of one's sexuality is a theme often expressed in his work, a path to celebrating the wholeness of oneself. His work continues to incorporate such concepts, while ever maturing to explore more ways in which his subjects can be transformed into such gods as he represents.

After struggling to grow as artists and meanwhile make a living, a situation arose whereby fate forced the issue. To avoid placing Chas' ailing mother in a nursing facility, resources were pulled together and a place was found where they could provide care. Urged by their unbridled creativity and pure financial desperation, they developed products that they could create and sell from their home studio.

Chas Bogan (pictured above) is web-designer for Carnivalia. He has designed and crafted many of the artisan products we proudly present here at Carnivalia.
Visit Faerywolf's Website! Artist Storm Faerywolf has contributed much of his art and vision to Carnivalia. Also, he is responsible for the book-keeping and ordering that keep Carnivalia afloat.

Click on the wolfhead to visit his site and learn more about this visionary artist.
Daniel Edmunds has contributed much of his art and expertise to Carnivalia.

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