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Retro Witch

Spirit Board & Planchette


Actual size is 13 by 19 inches

Carnivalia was commissioned by Modern_Witch_Magazine to design a Spirit Board for their third issue, and this was our first attempt. The result, however, was more retro than modern. A separate board was ultimately designed for the commission, and this became 'Retro Witch.'

Pull up a bean bag chair, light up some patchouli incense, dim the lava lamp and invite in some nostalgia.

The planchette for this board embodies the simplicity or retro design. The size of a playing card, it is simple to use for two persons or by yourself.

This is a quality artisan product, and all elements, from its unique design to its decorated planchette, are handcrafted at Carnivalia’s studio by artist Chas Bogan. Its wooden board measures nineteen by thirteen inches. The underlying image is protected by layers of clear varnish, creating a smooth finish that is ideal for easy movements of the planchette and will protect your board for generations as your relationship to this heirloom matures.

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