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This board measures approximately eight inches by eight inches.
Mounted on wood, these boards are then protected by layers of varnish.

Carnivalia's Divino-Bat oracle board was designed for SFBATS (the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium) for our 2013 vending gig at that esteemed event. It is designed so that a pendulum may hang by its fob between the bats ears, thus giving a means of displaying both the board and pendulum together. Fun. Goth. Kitchy... yet at times errily accurate in answering your questions.

This pendulum board is mounted on wood and measures approximately ten and a half inches wide, seven and a half inches high.


When working alone with a talking board a pendulum can be easier to handle than a planchette. Allowing the pendulum to hang still, then moving it in a clockwise direction above the circle of letters and numbers will quickly effect it. The pendulum begins to revolve, and moving forward or back across a cluster of icons will reveal which one the crystal is attracted to. Continue this action until your questions are fully spelled out.
Pendulum not included.


A+++, product was as promised, Fast response
Fantastic! More beautiful than pictured. Great seller, fast, highly recommend
Totally unique! As an artpiece alone it looks awesome.


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