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Welcome to 'Carnivalia.'
If you have come to this page via a link and not yet visited our HOME page, please click on the logo above to access our interactive menu frame. You will discover many strange and magickal products, handmade at 'Studio Carnivalia' or else hand-picked for their character. Our site also has weird, fun, and informative content for your enjoyment.

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'Faerywolf' is our sister site, featuring the work of artist Storm Faerywolf, a contributer to many projects here at Carnivalia.
Witch Eye
'Witch Eye, A Zine of Feri Uprising' is a zine that I often write for, as well as publish and help edit and design. It's subjects inform readers about the 'Feri Tradition' of Witchcraft.
Feri Tradition
'Feri Tradition' is a website that, in addition to providing information about the 'Feri Tradition' of Witchcraft, features some of my products for sale.


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Chateau Bizarre.com


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